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CRIMESHIELD - window security system
WINDOWSHIELD - attack resistant glazing

New Hormann Products - Industrial sectional doors with a complete new design

The narrow profile view of the new industrial sectional doors with invisible section seams makes these doors an excellent choice for modern architectural applications with large-surface glazings.


New folding door range

With its 80 mm wide profi les, the steel folding door FSN matches the aluminium folding door FAW in its appearance. You can also obtain the FAW doors with prestigious rail-free glazing up to a door height of 4000 mm. As standard, the hinge systems for both door types are mounted inconspicuously between the door leaves in alignment with the seal. The locking systems are integrated in the frame profile and hidden from view.


New high-speed doors with compact fitting dimensions and improved view

High-speed door V2715 SE R with integrated compact tubular drive This new high-speed door is the perfect solution for halls with limited space. The tubular drive is integrated in the door shaft on the V2715 SE R. The cladding on the shaft and drive fi ts fl ush with the side guides.


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