About Us


JB Industrial Doors is part of the JB Group of Companies that also includes JB Garage Doors and JB Gate Systems.

The Group was founded in 1972 by Jim Byrne and John Baker to create and serve a growing market for all kinds of garage doors and accessories.

The Group quickly grew to include the supply and fix of industrial doors, acoustic folding panels and power operated gate systems.

Thanks to the variety of versions and choice of equipment now available, large building doors - at one time restricted to industrial use only - have since conquered a considerably broader application spectrum including exhibition halls, showroom window doors, sports hall doors, maintenance depots and fire station buildings.


The range of doors we can offer clients is now very large indeed and the broad spectrum of different door types means that every building door can be perfectly matched to the individual requirements of any given application.

Rolling shutters, for instance, are usually the first choice for buildings with particularly high doorways, whereas sliding doors are the preferred solution for wide door openings.


What Industrial Clients say

"We had a particularly high doorway and the roller shutter turned out to be the perfect solution" - Mr P, Car Parts Supplier

"Your suggestion of using glazed aluminium folding doors has worked allowing much more light into the warehouse and trade counter" - Mr W, Plumbers Merchant, Ashford

"You made a really good job of installing our sports hall doors and ensuring they matched the timber finish of the surrounding walls" - Mr T, Sports Centre, Gravesend

Folding doors are available in aluminium and steel and with glazing and thermal insulation. Glazed folding doors have increasingly found favour with design architects in recent years because they allow the structural membering of the doors to be matched to the building.